The ‘Not Me’ Factor

Who else but @craigball can work predictive coding, gentle (but forceful) peer goading and an “I Love Lucy” reference, all in the same blog post?

Ball in your Court

Not MeI’ve been skeptical of predictive coding for years, even before I wrote my first column on it back in 2005.  Like most, I was reluctant to accept that a lifeless mass of chips and wires could replicate the deep insight, the nuanced understanding, the sheer freaking brilliance that my massive lawyer brain brings to discovery.  Wasn’t I the guy who could pull down that one dusty box in a cavernous records repository and find the smoking gun everyone else overlooked?  Wasn’t it my rarefied ability to discern the meaning lurking beneath the bare words that helped win all those verdicts? 

Well, no, not really.  But, I still didn’t trust software to make the sort of fine distinctions I thought assessing relevance required.

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